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Borthwick Jewelry Inc. in Ferndale, WA
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Our History

Tom Borthwick Jr. has been in the jewelry business for over 24 years, providing jewelry redesign and repair services for Whatcom County and Canada. Borthwick Jewelry supports the Clean Diamond Act and is not in support of conflict or black market diamonds sourced from war torn countries.

Tom Borthwick has completed four jewelry repair course to ensure that your repair is done right and stays in the store. We also have a jeweler that has been doing repair work for over 40 years that we trust to help Tom on the rare occasion he is swamped.

"I am committed to providing low priced services, and believe customer service is the most important thing in developing customer relationships. If you are fair and honest people will continue to choose Borthwicks and refer their friends and family".

Borthwick jewelry is committed in helping his community. We donate to over 30 charities yearly. To see which organizations we support please look at our charity page.

Tom Borthwick
Eagle Scout


Tom Borthwick grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. He is an Eagle Scout who graduated from Penn State University in 1988. In Burlington, VT he became manager for Gordon's Jewelry, managing for six years before moving West to Seattle with his brother, where he would manage Merksamer Jewelers for the next five years. Eventually he moved to Bellingham, WA., transferring to the Merksamer's at Bellis Fair Mall. After developing a deep knowledge and understanding of running a successful business for others, Tom decided to start his own jewelry store.

Eagle Scout

Tom has a daughter named Nicole she is very outgoing and adventurous like her father. On 4/21/2007 Tom married the woman of his dreams, Tami Pieper who has two boys Max and Giovanni. The family likes spending time outside of the jewelry store embarking on adventures. When Tom and Tami are not cruising around the world, they take Giovanni and Nicole swimming in Lake Whatcom and for the braver Borthwick it would be jumping off the cliffs at Whatcom falls. If you ever are on the Nooksack and hear singing that is just Tom inner tubing and driving the kids crazy. When east of the cascades Tom tries to keep up with Giovanni and his fishing skills or just a good old race on their four wheelers. A father daughter day is best spent north of the border at a rock concert or one of Nicole' faves shooting dad at laser tag. Max is a college student and works part time at the store and best buy. He is busy embarking on his bright future.

In March of 1997, Borthwick Jewelry Inc.. was started in Ferndale, WA. In 2001, Borthwick was named Business Person of the Year in the Record Journal.

Tom Borthwick Business Person

From 1999 to 2003, Borthwick Jewelers took part in many of Whatcom County's parades, providing a fabulous float of a large castle on top of a diamond mine. Tom dressed as a diamond king and his daughter and friends dressed as gem fairies. Ray Straka acted as Merlin the Magician ever since Tom has been known as "The Diamond King." In 2000 the float came in 2nd out of 109 floats in the Ski to Sea parade.

In 2001, after the success of the float in the Ski to Sea, Tom decided to take it up a notch and enter a team into the Ski to Sea race. The team finished a remarkable 14th place out of well over 100 teams.

Borthwick's found success, except for in 2005, when a massive construction project began on Main St. Tom decided to move the store to Idaho. After being in gone for only 8 months Tom and his family missed their lives in the great North West and reopened the store in the cost cutter shopping center back in good old Ferndale. The funny part is that the customers missed Tom as much as he missed them that to this day people talk about the move like he was gone for many years.

In 2010 we decided to give the store an update. We got all new carpet and beautiful dark oak showcases. The new showcases gave us 20 feet of space to enlarge our bridal department, now our happy couples can sit down on the new rolling benches that Tom's father built and pick out the perfect wedding ring. This past summer we have continued to give the store a new looks, by giving it a fresh coat of bright green paint and custom built wall shelving that match the cases. This is where we house the geode collection that Tom handpicked at the Tucson gemshow. The shelf also gave us the space to bring in a new Casio watch line. The store has also received new full length mirrors, with new witty signage. Keep tuned for our future updates.

Now with over 16 years in Ferndale Borthwick Jewelry Inc. has sold over 4 million dollars in jewelry. We are very proud and grateful to our loyal customers for making a small business stay alive.This shows that we care, and want the best thing possible for our customers, as customers are the key to our success.

- Tom Borthwick the diamond king.

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